3DMC offers three options of Digital Signage network installations all of which includes:

  • All network system hardware, software and installation costs
  • Manage the operation of the network and the associated “playlists”.
  • Conversion of content from 2D to 3D
  • 24/7/365 health monitoring, diagnostics and remote repair capabilities
  • Guaranteed repair or replacement of any malfunctioning network component within 72 hours
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Monthly reporting of network statistics such as run reports, failure/resolution reports and advertising analytics, if applicable
Installation Options:

3DMC will, for qualified venues, install our 3D Autostereoscopic LCD TV and all required ancillary equipment and software at our expense.
3DMC will sell advertising appropriate for the venue and share a portion of the proceeds with the venue.

Subscription Model
The Subscription model is appropriate for venues that have need for state-of-the-art communications with customers, consumers or employees, but in an environment that does not include advertising. An example of this kind of venue would be a fashion retailer whose only need is to display 3D video of their merchandise. In this model, we would provide and install all of the equipment, convert the content from 2D to 3D, and manage the network for a fixed monthly fee.

Hybrid Model
The hybrid model adds advertising to the Subscription model. The hybrid model differs in that the clients’ monthly expense is offset by advertising revenue generated from running advertisements on the screen. Ultimately, this model could become a profit center for the client.

Both the client and/or 3DMC can source advertising for the hybrid model. We have relationships with traditional advertising agencies and Hollywood movie studios that are eager to open new markets to advertise their products, services, and 3D movies. 3DMC will work closely with your team to build an advertising portfolio that perfectly targets your customers, further improving their experience while generating significant revenue for you.

Advertising Model
This model is advertising supported and does not require a long-term services agreement from the venue; in fact, the venue has no financial obligation to 3DMC at all. Rather, the venue must agree to a 5-year installation agreement, and 3DMC will sell advertising for the screens, and provide all services at our own expense. In return, we will share a negotiated share of the revenue with the venue.