24/7 Network Access

Media Center Components / NOC Services
Our computer manufacturer and NOC (network operations center) services provider is one of the most respected organizations in their field. They are ISO 9001:2000 certified, an Intel Premier Partner and Microsoft Platinum OEM, ITIL Foundations v3 Certified and sit as the President of Intel’s North American Board of Advisers.

Our NOC not only monitors the health of every component in the network system 24/7/365, but also is manned with high-level technicians who are able to diagnose, repair, and issue a physical component repair ticket if necessary.

Wireless Network Components
In order to maintain the most comprehensive coverage including health monitoring, real time content updates, and playlist adjustments, 3DMC account managers must have access to all screens in the network at all times. In some cases, we are able to utilize existing Internet connections as a primary access point to screens. For installations where on-site Internet access is not available or reliable, 3G/4G cellular networks are used as the primary data connectivity conduit. These cellular connection networks are as reliable as standard Ethernet Internet connections and allow 3DMC to bring our network to a wide variety of locations without having to take existing Internet infrastructure into account.