About the Company

3DMC is a media company that develops, installs and manages a state-of-the-art network of audio and video 3D/2D television screens in commercial environments that includes convenience stores, supermarkets, shopping malls, sports arenas, retail stores and other venues, providing entertaining content and advertising to shoppers, travelers and spectators. 3DMC provides broadcast quality entertainment programming and useful information to consumers at the point of purchase or other points of impressionability depending on the venue. The medium incorporates various sized glasses-free-3D LCD screens strategically placed to maximize visibility based on venue, and the goals of the installation. The 3D LCD screens are Autostereoscopic – meaning no glasses are required.

3DMC provides an effective medium for any type of stakeholder communication; advertising, branding, or promotion – that is superior to existing communication methods through both traditional broadcast-type media communication and in-store, or on premises static media. Our communication system incorporates audio and 3D video into commercial grade, color accurate and environmentally stable LCD screens. Every 3D screen that we install “lives” on the Internet (in the ‘cloud’) via existing in store connectivity or with a cellular wireless card. This allows us – from our Network Operations Center (NOC) – to monitor the performance of every screen as well as download new content “on the fly”. Every screen is independently controlled with unique play-lists that can be updated and/or edited in real time.

A successful DOOH system has 4 components:
1)   A reliable and versatile third party verified software and hardware (display) ecosystem
2)   High foot traffic or high value locations in which to install the devices
3)   A support system made up of an exceptional and diverse executive team as well as dedicated operators
      and account managers
4)  High quality content

3DMC provides exceptional services because we have secured the first three of the above components, and can assist customers in developing 3D content. Content displayed on our glasses -free 3D screens is extremely compelling which leads to longer viewing times as compared to 2D TVs and higher retention rates - both of which are of great value to stakeholders.